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December 2014, Volume 21, Issue 5


Launching a Discourse-Rich Mathematics Lesson
Aaron Trocki, Christine Taylor, Tina Starling, Paola Sztajn, and Daniel Heck
Adapted from literacy instruction for use in mathematics, the think-aloud strategy models mathematical thinking.

The String Task: Not Just for High School
Isil Isler, Tim Marum, Ana Stephens, Maria Blanton, Eric Knuth, and Angela Murphy Gardiner
Engage your students in functional thinking—an important precursor to algebra—with this classroom activity.

Professional Noticing: Developing Responsive Mathematics Teaching
Jonathan N. Thomas, Sara Eisenhardt, Molly H. Fisher, Edna O. Schack, Janet Tassell, and Margaret Yoder
Learn how to coordinate the use of CCSSM with this emerging framework to attend to children’s actions, make interpretations, and respond with robust instruction.

More examples of professional noticing

Linking the Van Hiele Theory to Instruction- FREE PREVIEW!
Tashana D. Howse and Mark E. Howse
These learning activities are designed to facilitate students’ development of spatial reasoning skills through the use of attribute blocks.