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September 2014, Volume 21, Issue 2


Squares on a Checkerboard
Steven M. Schulman
What is a worthwhile mathematical task? How is a task different from a lesson or an assignment? An experienced teacher and math educator shares his point of view. Includes "Reflect and Discuss".

Preparing Teacher Leaders
Mathew D. Felton and Melissa Page
Findings from an extensive four-year program with a single cohort of elementary and early middle school mathematics instructors highlight several important themes that can inform other efforts in developing teacher leaders.

Becoming a Leader: Finding My Voice
Tabetha R. Finchum
Dissatisfied with the outcomes of teacher-directed mathematics pedagogy, this fourth-grade teacher learns of—and begins to implement—student-centered, problem-solving mathematics in her classroom.

Warning Signs!
Victoria R. Jacobs, Heather A. Martin, Rebecca C. Ambrose, and Randolph A. Philipp
Avoid three common instructional moves that are generally followed by taking over children’s thinking.

A practice scenario

Variations in Both-Addends-Unknown Problems- FREE PREVIEW!
Zachary M. Champagne, Robert Schoen, and Claire M. Riddell
Early elementary school students are expected to solve twelve distinct types of word problems. A math researcher and two teachers pose a structure for thinking about one problem type that has not been studied as closely as the other eleven.