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October 2014, Volume 21, Issue 3


Family Game Nights
Stephanie Kessinger
Leaders can support teachers in creating and implementing fun, schoolwide events that increase parental involvement in—and discourse about—students’ math education.

WOW! Mathematics Convention: A Community Connection
Rebecca R. Cavazos
A math professor, a biologist, a literacy professor, a chemist, a statistician, and an engineering student walk into a fourth-grade classroom—and students are encouraged to tackle difficult math challenges.

Mapping Our World
Jim Barta and Joan Kyriopoulos
Travel with the authors to a rural village in Guatemala where students are integrating mathematics and social studies in a culturally situated context.

Community Partnerships: Pathways to Meaningful Mathematics
Sarah B. Bush, Karen S. Karp, Tova Lentz, and Jennifer Nadler
Use the experience of these authors as a model for connecting with your local resources.

The Math Promise: Celebrating at Home and School- FREE PREVIEW!
Danielle Legnard and Susan Austin
Build connections and elevate numeracy with a commitment among students, teachers, and parents to hold one another accountable for engaging the subject together beyond the classroom walls.