About the Editors

 Margaret Coffey 

Margaret Coffey

Margaret Coffey teaches mathematics at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. She
has also taught at the middle school and community college levels. While serving on the Editorial Panel of Mathematics
, she co-edited the special 100th anniversary issue of the journal. She currently is co-editor of the "Calendar" in Mathematics Teacher. Margaret is interested in providing students at all skill levels the chance to develop their problem-solving abilities as well as to apply mathematics to other disciplines. In her spare time Margaret hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. mecoffey@fcps.edu  

 Hamp Sherard 

Wade “Hamp” Sherard

Wade H. Sherard, teaches mathematics and mathematics education courses at Furman University in Greenville, SC. He is a former editorial panel member and chair of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. He also served as the editor of the journal’s Thinking of Students Department and the Quick Reads Department. He is interested in the role of algebraic thinking in the elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum and is active in the pre-service and in-service education of elementary and middle school teachers. Hamp swims laps and hikes in the mountains for fun and fitness. hamp.sherard@furman.edu