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Selected Books on Research

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Teachers Engaged in Research SeriesTeachers Engaged in Research Series

The goal of this series is to use teachers' accounts of classroom inquiry to shed light on the processes of doing research in classrooms. Each book covers one grade band of either PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8, or 9-12. More Info

A Research Companion to PSSMA Research Companion to Principles and Standards for School Mathematics

This book synthesizes a sizeable portion of the professional literature to lend valuable insight into current thinking about school mathematics and presents a comprehensive analysis of what research should be expected to do in setting standards for school mathematics. More Info

Second Handbook of ResearchSecond Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and Learning (Two Volume Set - Paperback)

An update to the original 1992 publication, this two-volume set unites current research to provide new conceptualizations of research problems, and to suggest possible research programs to move the field forward. More Info

Lessons Learned from ResearchLessons Learned from Research

The goal of this book is to give teachers confidence in maneuvering their way through original research and to help them appreciate what research has to offer the classroom teacher. More Info

Classics in Mathematics Education ResearchClassics in Mathematics Education Research

This collection of articles focuses on themes surrounding evolving conceptions of learning and teaching. The articles offer perspectives on the development of these themes, some of which include the process-product paradigm, gender and mathematics, problem solving, students' thinking, and the role of cultural practices in the acquisition of mathematical concepts and procedures. More Info

Putting Research into Practice in the Elementary GradesPutting Research into Practice in the Elementary Grades: Readings from Journals of the NCTM

The purpose of these articles is to inform elementary school teachers about research related to teaching and learning mathematics in the elementary grades, to help them examine and reflect on their own teaching, and to assist them in putting research into practice in the classroom. More Info

JRME Monograph #4Constructivist Views on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics, JRME Monograph #4

This volume considers the background of constructivism, explores what it means to carry out the process of mathematical thinking, and describes how children engage in mathematical activity and how teachers can promote this activity. More Info

Children's MathematicsChildren's Mathematics: Cognitively Guided Instruction

Based on more than twenty years of research, this eye-opening book provides a framework for assessing children's thinking in whole-number arithmetic and describes how this thinking evolves over time. More Info

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