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    Jan Gebert is an Illuminations lesson plan reviewer and instructor of professional and secondary education at East Stroudsburg University. So she definitely knows a thing or two about quality lessons. Illuminations asked her for her favorite out of our 600+ lessons.
    Success Story

    Deeanna Golden, a teacher of 24 years at F.M. Golson Elementary School in Marianna, Florida, is a beloved Illuminations lesson plan writer. So we asked her, "Why do you think it is important to share resources?"

    Success Story
    Diana Flores, who has a self-contained classroom, teaches highly and profoundly gifted students in Phoenix, AZ. Flores says math "rotations" is a "big-kid way to say centers." One of these math stations hosts computers, which students use frequently to visit Calculation NationTM .
    Success Story
    Anthony incorporates Illuminations lessons into her curriculum, but she also expands, tweaks and creates new materials to ensure these lessons are meeting the needs of her students.
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    Francisco Santiago works as a youth counselor for York County in Pennsylvania. Committed to helping residents prepare for successful futures, he came to Illuminations seeking out resources for motivation and remediation of mathematics.
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    Losing weight is a popular New Year’s resolution. Some people turn to exercise to help them achieve this goal, but one teacher wonders if it’s possible to keep this resolution while following a diet of fast food.
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    The 23-year teacher modifies games to meet the different learning needs in her classroom. See how she modified Deep Sea Duel.
    Success Story
    It has often been said that love happens when you least expect it, and now the same can be said for finding math resources. Victoria Miles, 7th grade math teacher at Abigail Adams Middle School, came upon Illuminations after a Google search directed her to the site.
    Success Story
    Marie Zweirs is a single-parent of two daughters, Kylie (7) and Layla (2), living in San Antonio, where Kylie just graduated from kindergarten. Marie believes that parents play an integral role in the education of their children, sharing the responsibility with teachers, to ensure that learning occurs at home just as it does in the classroom.
    Success Story
    Much like athletes must warm up their muscles before heading into a game, students often warm up with engaging classroom activities or problems of the day before diving into the daily math lesson. Wan Chow of Bishop Strachtan School in Toronto finds the perfect warm-up in Illuminations.
    Success Story
    Carol Fears teaches sixth-grade math at Landstuhl Elementary/Middle School on a U.S. Army post in Germany. Throughout her 27 years of teaching, Illuminations has become her go-to resource for teaching new topics or looking for new ideas.
    Success Story
    Pamela Olmstead has been a middle school math and science teacher for 15 years at Chehalis Middle School (Chehalis, WA). One lesson that she has referred to all year long is Balancing Shapes, which uses the online applet Pan Balance—Shapes.
    Success Story
    Imagine having your whole year planned out before stepping foot in your classroom. Cindy Stofferahn, third grade teacher at Sturgis Elementary School in South Dakota, already knows what she is teaching today, tomorrow and for the rest of the year.
    Success Story
    Model linear functions using Barbie dolls and rubber bands.
    Lesson Plan
    Grades: High School, 6th to 8th, 9th to 12th
    Stats & Probability
    Interpreting Categorical and Quantitative Data
    Investigate patterns of association in bivariate data.
    8.SP.A.1, 8.SP.A.2, 8.SP.A.3, HSS-ID.B.6a, HSS-ID.B.6c, HSS-ID.C.7
    Determine the volume of a box by filling it with cubes, rows of cubes, or layers of cubes. Determine the surface area as well by using the box's net.
    Web Interactive
    Grades: 3rd to 5th
    Measurement & Data
    Geometric measurement: understand concepts of volume and relate volume to multiplication and to addition.
    5.MD.C.3a, 5.MD.C.3b, 5.MD.C.4, 5.MD.C.5a, 5.MD.C.5b
    Count, add, and subtract by grouping cows.
    Web Interactive
    Grades: Pre K to 2nd, PreK to 2nd
    Number & Operations
    Algebraic Thinking
    Counting & Cardinality
    Understand place value.
    Use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract.
    Add and subtract within 20.
    Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction.
    Understand addition as putting together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from.
    Count to tell the number of objects.
    Know number names and the count sequence.
    K.CC.A.1, K.CC.B.4a, K.CC.B.4b, K.CC.B.5, K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2, K.OA.A.5, 1.OA.B.4, 1.OA.C.6, 1.NBT.C.4, 2.OA.B.2, 2.NBT.B.7, 2.NBT.A.2
    Draw, color, paste, slice, rotate, reflect, expand, and contract various shapes.
    Grades: 6th to 8th, 3rd to 5th, PreK to 2nd, Pre K to 2nd
    Draw construct, and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them.
    Reason with shapes and their attributes.
    Analyze, compare, create, and compose shapes.
    K.G.B.4, K.G.B.5, K.G.B.6, 1.G.A.1, 1.G.A.2, 2.G.A.1, 7.G.A.2

    Use counting strategies to make outfits for Bobbie Bear with different colored shirts and pants.

    Click here to play Bobbie Bear in Spanish!

    Web Interactive
    Grades: 3rd to 5th, PreK to 2nd
    Create a custom spinner to examine experimental and theoretical outcomes.
    Web Interactive
    Grades: 9th to 12th, High School, 6th to 8th, 3rd to 5th, PreK to 2nd
    Stats & Probability
    Making Inferences and Justifying Conclusions
    Investigate chance processes and develop, use, and evaluate probability models.
    7.SP.C.5, 7.SP.C.6, 7.SP.C.7b, 7.SP.C.8c, HSS-IC.A.2
    Create dynamic drawings on an isometric dot grid.
    Web Interactive
    Grades: High School, 6th to 8th, 3rd to 5th
    Draw construct, and describe geometrical figures and describe the relationships between them.
    1 - 20 of 409 results
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