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Large-Scale Assessment Tool


About the Framework 
About Large-Scale
Mathematics Assessments
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A Framework to Evaluate Large-Scale Assessments of Mathematics 

The goal of this framework is to enable you, as a stakeholder, to evaluate a variety of features of a given test or testing system so that you can make more informed decisions about its strengths, weaknesses, and uses.

Using the Framework
Any given assessment system will involve multiple stakeholders. This evaluation framework is designed to be used by any stakeholder interested in examining the quality of the system.

  • State, provincial, or district-level educators responsible for assessment may use the framework for internal evaluation.
  • Teachers or parents might use the framework to judge the appropriateness of decisions based on assessment results.
  • Legislators and school administrators might want to know if their assessment system is likely to produce valid and reliable judgments about students.
  • Test developers could use the instrument to help them consider ways to improve the quality of the instruments they produce.

No responses by a user of this framework will be made public in any way; it is up to the user to decide how the information in the framework is used.

In this framework, we use assessment terms as they are defined in Mathematics Assessment Literacy: Concepts and Terms in Large-Scale Assessment (NCTM 2006). If you are fairly new to school assessments, this book can be a helpful companion to the framework.

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