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Resources for Canadian Mathematics Teachers

Canadian NCTM Affiliates

Canadian Affiliate Conferences  

Nine provincial mathematics teachers' associations maintain affiliation with NCTM.

Teacher Training and Certification in Canada

To become a math teacher, you must have:

  • A bachelor's degree from an approved teacher education program
  • Supervised student teaching experience
  • Licensure in the province or territory in which you plan to teach.

Learn more about the certification requirements in each province or territory.

Information for Students' Families  

These reproducible PDFs help explain trends in math education to parents and guardians.

  • Why does my child's math look different? (EnglishFrench)
  • What can I do to make sure my child succeeds in math? (EnglishFrench)
  • Math homework is due tomorrow--how can I help? (EnglishFrench)

For the Classroom

Try the Canada Data Map on NCTM's Illuminations website with students in grades 3-12. This activity offers exercises that blend social studies, geography, and mathematics.

The Illuminations lesson for grades 6-8 "Where is Everybody" uses the Canada Data Map and the (U.S.) State Data Map activities to compare population density and explore various statistical measures.

Write for NCTM 

NCTM's journals and yearbooks give teachers opportunities to share ideas and research with the mathematics education community. Follow these links for current calls for manuscripts and specific information for that publication:

Canadian authors are regularly published in NCTM journals.


Canadian Representation on the NCTM Board, Committees, and Journal Editorial Panels  

NCTM Board of Directors:  

  • Debbie Duvall, mathematics consultant, Elk Island Public Schools (Alberta), began a three-year term on the NCTM Board of Directors at the NCTM Annual Meeting in April 2010.
  • Christine Suurtamm , assistant professor of mathematics education at the University of Ottawa, began a three-year term on the NCTM Board of Directors at the NCTM Annual Meeting in March 2007.

Affiliate Services Committee:  

  • Rita C. Janes, St. John's, NL (2010-2011)
  • Carol Matsumoto, Winnipeg, MB (2005-2008)

Educational Materials Committee:  

  • Marthe Craig, Halifax, NS (2007-2010)
  • Christine Suurtamm, Ottawa, ON (2007-2010)

Journal for Research in Mathematics Education Editorial Panel:  

  • Nathalie M. Sinclair, Burnaby, BC (2009-2012).
  • Joan Moss, Toronto, ON (2006-2009)

Mathematics Teacher Editorial Panel:  

  • Calvin Armstrong, Burlington, ON (2009-2011)
  • Anna Spanik, Halifax, NS (2006-2009)

Teaching Children Mathematics Editorial Panel: 

  • Neil S. Dempsey, Winnipeg, MB (2010-2013);
  • Lynn M. McGarvey, Edmonton, AB (2008-2011)

Nominations and Elections Committee:  

  • Cathrine Le Maistre, Beaconsfield, QC (2008-2011)
  • Rita C. Janes, St. John's, NL (2005-2008)

Professional Development Services Committee:  

  • Debbie Duvall, Sherwood Park, AB (2007-2010)

MATHCOUNTS Question Writing Committee:  

  • Trevor Brown, Toronto, ON (2007-2008)

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