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Waste in our World  - August 09
A Visit to Your School  - May 09
Where Is The Center?  - April 09
The Library Problem - Mar 09   
Multiplication along the Silk Road - Feb 09   
The Barn Quilt Problem - Dec 08   
Flags by the Numbers
(patterns and numbers and operations) - Nov 08


The AquaDom - One Large Aquarium
(geometry and measurement) - Oct 08


Measuring the "Grand" in the Grand Hotel
(problem solving and measurement) - Sep 08
Touring Washington DC
(problem solving) - Aug 08

Walk for the Paws 
(algebraic thinking, problem solving and reasoning) - May 08

Coloring Maps
(problem solving and reasoning) - Apr 08

Using Your (Number) Sense of Balance
(number sense, problem solving and reasoning) - Mar 08
Creative Arithmetic (problem solving and reasoning) - Feb 08 Solution 
Rock-Paper-Scissors (probability) - Dec 07 Solution 
How Many Triangles? (geometry, patterns, algebraic reasoning) Solution 
Height in Coins (measurement, estimation) Solution 
Stained Glass Window Designs (geometry, fractions) Solution 
From Leaks to Liters: Estimating Water Loss (measurement, data collection and analysis) Solution 
Characteristics of Shapes (geometry) Solution 
Knights in Armor (probability, ratio and proportion) Solution 
Sharing Cookies (algebraic reasoning, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Nine Jumping Numbers (patterns, algebraic reasoning) Solution 
The Broken Calculator (number sense, arithmetic) Solution 
Shoes for a Pen Pal (data collection and analysis) Solution 
Making Brownies (fractions, arithmetic) Solution 
Hummingbird Migration (data collection and analysis, measurement, multiplication) Solution 
Terrific Trapezoids (geometry, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Dicey Situation (probability, data collection and analysis) Solution 
Counting Counts! (number system) Solution 
More than a Guess (ratio and proportion) Solution 
Patterns Galore! (patterns) Solution 
Cheerio Count (data collection and analysis, estimation, multiplication) Solution 
Talking Turkey (data collection and analysis, fractions, arithmetic) Solution 
The Better Box (measurement, geometry, multiplication) Solution 
Miniature Zoo (problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
What's the Overlap? (geometry) Solution 
Candy Conundrum (measurement, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Risky Allowance (probability) Solution 
Measuring Up (measurement, fractions) Solution 
Make It 36 (geometry, multiplication) Solution 
A Word to the Wise (arithmetic, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Winning Strategy (problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Postage Due (arithmetic, algebraic reasoning) Solution 
Pocketful of Coins (money, fractions) Solution 
Egg Dilemma (problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Triangular Bicycle Flags (geometry, geoboards) Solution 
Just a Second (time, multiplication) Solution 
Catching Growing Night Crawlers (geometry, algebraic reasoning) Solution 
Muffin Mania (algebraic reasoning, fractions, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Decorative Plate Hanging (arithmetic, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Holiday Fun (algebraic reasoning) Solution 
Building a Box (geometry, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Seymour Skwares (geometry, multiplication) Solution 
Pattern-Block Quilts (geometry) Solution 
Farmer MacDonald (data collection and analysis, graphs) Solution 
Shape Search (geometry) Solution 
March Mathness (statistics and data analysis) Solution 
Picasso Masterpiece (geometry, mathematical connections--art, technology) Solution 
Perfect-Square Geometry Partners (arithmetic, problem solving and reasoning)  
Package Puzzle (algebraic reasoning) Solution 
The Shopping Spree (estimation, algebraic reasoning) Solution 
Fractionberry Pie (fractions)  
A Walk in the Park (problem solving and reasoning, geometry) Solution 
Marble Mayhem (data collection and analysis, problem solving and reasoning, arithmetic) Solution 
Bike Trike (data collection and analysis) Solution 
Average Days of Spring (arithmetic, patterns) Solution 
Have a Heart (geometry, measurement) Solution 
Measuring Hot Chocolate (fractions, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Great Garlands (patterns) Solution 
Football Frenzy (problem solving and reasoning, arithmetic) Solution 
Pumpkin Puzzler (estimation, arithmetic, fractions) Solution 
Turning the Tables (data collection and analysis, geometry) Solution 
Everyone's Playing Basketball (time, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Puzzling Prices (money, patterns) Solution 
Painting Tiles (geometry, systematic counting) Solution 
How Big Was the Cat? (measurement) Solution 
Coloring Tetras with Two Colors (systematic counting, patterns) Solution 
Tiles and Sides (geometry, data collection and analysis) Solution 
Patterns in Squares (geometry) Solution 
No Pegs Allowed (geometry--triangles, geoboards) Solution 
Nets and Polyhedra (geometry, patterns) Solution 
Three-Way Sharing (systematic counting, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
Stair Skipping (patterns, arithmetic) Solution 
Which Graph Is Which? (graphs, data analysis) Solution 
What Can You Measure? (measurement, data collection and analysis, systematic counting) Solution 
Marbles (problem solving and reasoning) Solution 
The Mathematics of Motion (geometry, spatial sense) Solution 
Fair Share (geometry--geoboards, congruence) Solution 
The Talking Club (patterns, systematic counting) Solution 
How Many Towers? (patterns, systematic counting) Solution 
Darts, Anyone? (problem solving and reasoning, arithmetic) Solution 
Orange Game (arithmetic, exponential growth, geometry) Solution 
Counting Cubes (skip counting, division, multiplication) Solution 
What Shapes Can You Make? (geometry) Solution 
Take Two: Fair or Unfair? (probability, problem solving and reasoning) Solution 

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