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Valid Numbers (November 2008)
Problem solving.

Rule of Ten (October 2008)
Problem solving.

Window Panes (September 2008)
Geometry, problem solving.

Animal Farm (August 2008)
Problem solving.

The Three Bears Cookie Store (December 2007)
Algebraic reasoning.

A Mix of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (November 2007)

Fund Run (October 2007)
Percentages and algebraic reasoning.

Pip Seek (September 2007)
Data collection, tables.

A Trillion Dollar Classroom (August 2007)
Measurement and multiplication.

Christie's Cake (March 2007)
Geometry and measurement.

Multiples of Four (February 2007)
Number theory and multiplication. 

The Two-Digit Game (November 2006)

Number Golf (October 2006)
Number and operations.

State Fair (September 2006)
Linear equations.

Generosity (February 2006)
Algebraic reasoning.

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