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Assessment Resources

Large-Scale Assessment Framework

Framework to evaluate large-scale assessments of mathematics

Assessment Issues

NCTM’s position on high-stakes assessment has consistently been that more emphasis should be placed on teaching a high-quality mathematics curriculum than on preparing for tests.

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President's Messages

Go Ahead, Teach to the Test!
Teaching to the Test
Assessing to Learn and Learning to Assess
Reclaiming Standards
An Educational Crash Diet 

NCTM Publications on Assessment 

Articles from NCTM journals
Selected books from the NCTM catalog

Assessment in the News

U.S. Math Scores Hit a Wall (Wall Street Journal, October 14, 2009)
Public-school Students Outperform Private School Classmates (Science Daily, February 25, 2009)
Math Scores Up for 4th and 8th Graders (Associated Press, September 26, 2007)

News Releases

2007 TIMSS Shows Continued Improvement in Math (December 9, 2008)
2007 NAEP Reports Sustained Improvement in Math Scores Nationwide in Grades 4 and 8 (September 25, 2007)
NCTM Interprets Nation’s Report Card on Math (July 17, 2007)
Math Teachers Focus Spotlight on Assessment at Denver Conference (November 2, 2005)
Math Teachers Focus Spotlight on Assessment at Birmingham Conference (Oct. 11, 2005)
Trend NAEP Results Up for Early Years (July 14, 2005)

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