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Journal Articles on Equity: Elementary School

From Teaching Children Mathematics

Gender  Minority Students and Cultural Concerns 
Students with Special Needs,
Disabilities, and Learning Disabilities
English-Language Learners 
At-Risk Students  Gifted Students 
Preservice Teachers Examine Gender Equity in Teaching Mathematics (March 2007)
Are We Overemphasizing Manipulatives in the Primary Grades to the Detriment of Girls? (September 2002)
Readers' Exchange: Gender Responsibility (January 2002)
Gender Equity in Mathematics Education (October 2000)
Students with Special Needs, Disabilities, and Learning Disabilities
Tips for Including Elementary Students with Disabilities in Mathematics Class (February 2007)
Teaching for Mastery of Multiplication (August 2005)
Calculators for Students with Special Needs (March 2005)
Number Concepts and Special Needs Students (February 2005)
Supporting Diverse Learners: Teacher Collaboration in an Inclusive Classroom (February 2005)
Building Responsibility for Learning in Students with Special Needs (October 2004)
The Mathematics Pathway for All Children (October 2004)
Differentiation for Special Needs Learners (October 2004)
Planning Strategies for Students with Special Needs: A Professional Development Activity (October 2004)
Math According to Mooch (May 2003)
Learning-Disabled Students Make Sense of Mathematics (January 2003)
At-Risk Students
Addressing the Needs of Struggling Learners (February 2008)
Improving Mathematics Achievement (December 2007)
The Mathematics Pathway for All Children (October 2004)
Can Math Recovery Save Children Before They Fail? (October 2003)
Minority Students
The Mathematics Pathway for All Children (October 2004)
Creating Cultural Relevance in Teaching and Learning Mathematics (October 2002)
Mathematics Learning and the Latino Student: Suggestions from Research for Classroom Practice (September 2002)
Patterns and Symmetry: Reflections of Culture (November 2001)
Building Cultural Bridges between Home and the Mathematics Classroom (May 2001)
By Way of Introduction: Mathematics and Culture (February 2001)
On the Road with Cholo, Vato, and Pano (February 2001)
The International Study Group on Ethnomathematics (February 2001) 
What Is Ethnomathematics, and How Can It Help Children in Schools? (February 2001)
What Values Do You Teach When You Teach Mathematics? (February 2001)
Readers' Exchange: Ethnomathematics (May 1999)
Reversing the Trend: Latino Families in Real Partnerships with Schools (January 1999)  
English-Language Learners
Problem-Solving Support for English-Language Learners (April 2008)
Improving Mathematics Achievement (December 2007)
Fostering Communication about Measuring Area in a Transitional Language Class (October 2006)
Helping English-Language Learners Develop Computational Fluency (February 2003)
Gifted Students
A Call for Early Intervention for Mathematically Gifted Elementary Students (December 2006/January 2007)
Differentiating the Curriculum for Elementary Gifted Mathematics Students (August 2006)
Creating and Developing Promising Young Mathematicians (February 2000)

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