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Journal Articles on Equity: High School

From Mathematics Teacher

Gender Minority Students and Cultural Concerns 
At-Risk Students  English-Language Learners
Students with Special Needs,
Disabilities, and Learning Disabilities


Addressing the Equity Principle in the Mathematics Classroom (April 2008)
Goals for Achieving Diversity in Mathematics Classrooms (November 2005)
Projects: Pursuing Rewards in Science and Mathematics (PRISM) (April 2003)


Promoting Classroom Discourse about Women in Mathematics (April 2008)
Projects: Extraordinary Women Engineers Project (EWEP) (November 2006)
Reader Reflections: SK Days (September 2001)
Gloria Hewitt: Mathematician (January 2001)
Selected Resources for Encouraging Females in Mathematics (January 2001)
The Evolving Role of Women in Mathematics (December 2000)
Reader Reflections: SK Days (April 1999)
Students with Special Needs, Disabilities, and Learning Disabilities
Did You "Code"? (November 2005)
Math through the Mind's Eye (November 2005)
Teaching Algebra to Students with Learning Disabilities (December 2003)
Minority Students and Cultural Concerns
Poverty: Teaching Mathematics and Social Justice (February 2008)
A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Composition of Functions to a Diverse Population (March 2006)
Reunion of Broken Parts: Experiencing Diversity in Algebra (January 2000)
Projects: Project ESTEEM (February 1999)
At-Risk Students
Promoting Equity in Mathematics: One Teacher's Journey (August 2007)
High Achievement and Relational Equity (November 2005)
Challenges Associated with Developing Discursive Classrooms in High-Poverty, Rural Schools (January 2004)
Projects: Young Scholars Program (April 2000)
English-Language Learners
Bridging the Language Barrier in Mathematics (December 2007)
Did You "Code"? (November 2005)
High Achievement and Relational Equity (November 2005)
Classy Tips: Working with ESL Students (February 2001)

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