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Prospective 7-12 Secondary Teacher Course Work Scholarships

Supported by the Texas Instruments Demana-Waits Fund 

“I am incredibly grateful for the support of the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics, the Texas Instruments Demana-Waits Fund, the Mathematics Education Trust, and all those associated with allowing this scholarship to exist. I am excited for my future both as a math educator and in other roles I may play in schools, but I am constantly aware of the financial burden that this decision has placed both on me and those around me. Thus, this scholarship has been an incredible blessing for me. Thank you so much! I will do my best to make NCTM proud and represent you well in my career.” 

                                    ~John Brahier, 2012-14 Awardee

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial support to college students preparing for teaching secondary school mathematics. For 2015-2016, one scholarship, with a maximum value of $10,000, will be awarded to a person currently completing their sophomore year of college, scheduling for full-time study at a four- or five-year college or university in the next academic year, and pursuing a career goal of becoming a certified teacher of secondary school mathematics. These scholarships are named in recognition of the outstanding contributions to mathematics education made by professors Frank Demana and Bert K. Waits of the Ohio State University.

To apply for the scholarship, a written proposal must be submitted that includes evidence of the applicant’s past academic achievement in a college or university and the applicant’s commitment to pursue a teaching career in secondary school mathematics. This scholarship can be applied to tuition, fees, course materials, and other expenses directly related to the recipient’s academic program of study. Any acquisition of equipment must support the applicant’s plan of study but not require more than 10 percent, or $1,000, of the entire scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded in two phases, with $5,000 for the recipient’s third year of full-time study, and $5,000 for the recipient’s fourth year of full-time study.

Applicants must submit a written proposal that identifies the remaining two or three years of collegiate coursework in mathematics or mathematics education required to earn certification; a detailed outline of the full-time study required to meet these requirements within three years of study, and the course titles and credits for mathematics and mathematics education courses already completed; and a budget to fund the plan. Applicants must be student members of NCTM.

Coursework and graduation is to be completed between April 1, 2015, and August 31, 2017.

No person(s) may receive more than one award administered by the Mathematics Education Trust in the same academic year. Past recipients of the Texas Instruments Demana-Waits Scholarship and employees or immediate family members of employees of either the Educational and Productivity Solutions business segment of Texas Instruments or the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a proposal. The 2015-2016 MET Proposal Cover Form must be completed and serve as the top page of each copy of the proposal. The proposal must be typewritten, double-spaced and single-sided (please organize as outlined below), with margins of at least one inch on 8.5" x 11" paper. Font size must be no smaller than 10-point (Times Roman suggested), and width between characters should be normal (100%). Five copies (one original and four copies) of the proposal should be included in a single packet addressed to the Mathematics Education Trust at NCTM, 1906 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1502. The application packet must be postmarked by May 4, 2015 (updated college transcript due June 2, 2015). Faxed copies will not be accepted. Duplicate applications will not be considered. 

Note:  This scholarship is awarded to an individual student.  The Internal Revenue Service classifies scholarship payments in two ways: a non-taxable scholarship and a taxable scholarship.  Awardees are responsible for reporting taxable scholarships and remitting any tax due with their personal income tax return.  Additional information is available in IRS Publication 970, “Tax Benefits for Education” or from your tax professional. 

Proposal Requirements 

I.  Proposal Cover Form (Microsoft Word 2000 or higher required)

II. Proposal (four pages maximum plus required attachments). The proposal must:

  Include transcripts of completed coursework from an accredited college or university offering credits that are applicable to a four-or-more-year degree in mathematics or mathematics education. The applicant's college grade point average (GPA) must be at least 3.0 or the equivalent in order to be considered for the scholarship. Students transfering to another institution to complete their degree program must provide verification from the certifying institution that they have been accepted.

  Provide the list of courses the applicant is required to complete as a full-time student at a four-year college or university in order to complete teacher certification within a three-year period. Include full course title and catalogue description for each course. Verification must be provided that the college or university offers a formal program in mathematics or mathematics education, and the program leads to full teacher certification.

  Include an itemized budget for all costs of a full academic year indicating how you would allocate $5,000 from this award for the third year of full-time study and $5,000 for the fourth year of full-time study. List any other scholarship support currently being received.

  Provide any background, extracurricular activities, or professional activities that the applicant feels demonstrate his or her commitment to becoming a secondary school mathematics teacher.

  Provide signed letters of recommendation as specified in Section IV., Letters of Recommendation

III. Essay (two pages maximum)

  Provide a two-page, double-spaced essay on why you have chosen to pursue a career as a secondary school mathematics teacher.

IV. Letters of Recommendation (one page maximum each)

   A signed letter of recommendation on college or university letterhead from an academic advisor indicating the academic advisor's assessment of both the viability of the plan and the applicant's commitment to pursue a career as a secondary mathematics teacher.

    A signed letter of recommendation from a professional contact indicating the applicant’s suitability for the scholarship and citing evidence of their commitment to pursue a career as a teacher.

  A signed letter of recommendation from a personal contact indicating the relationship to the applicant and the applicant’s suitability for the scholarship and citing evidence of their commitment to pursue a career as a teacher.

Interim and Final Report Requirements

  Recipients will be required to submit an updated college transcript and a brief report (no more than three pages) at the end of their third year of full-time study indicating progress that has been made in their career pursuits. This should include not only classes completed, in progress, and planned but also extracurricular activities and new pursuits reflecting their continued growth and commitment to this career.

  Recipients will be required to submit an updated college transcript and a brief report (no more than three pages) at the end of their fourth year of full-time study indicating progress that has been made in their career pursuits.


The Mathematics Education Trust was established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 

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