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Named Funds and Honorees

Honoree  MET Scholarships, Grants, and Awards Supported by Named Funds 
Edward G. Begle  PreK-6 Classroom Research Grants 
Stanley J. Bezuszka, S.J.   Professional Development Scholarship Emphasizing the History of Mathematics  (6-12)
Edward J. Brennan  Prospective Middle School Mathematics Teacher Course Work Scholarships 
Iris M. Carl  Equity in Mathematics Grants (6-8)
Kenneth B. Cummins  MET Grants to Affiliates 
Franklin D. Demana and
Bert K. Waits
Prospective Secondary Teacher Course Work Scholarships 
Mary P. Dolciani  Teacher Professional Development Grants (6–89-12
Ernest R. Duncan  PreK-8 Preservice Teacher Action Research Grants 
Irene Etkowicz Eizen  Emerging Teacher-Leaders in Elementary School Mathematics Grants (PreK-5) 
E. Glenadine Gibb  7-12 Classroom Research Grants 
Julius H. Hlavaty  Prospective Teacher NCTM Annual Conference Attendance Awards 
Ellen L. Hocking and
Veryl Schult
Engaging Students in Learning Mathematics Grants (6-8) 
Lola J. May  and  Shirley M. Frye  Program of Mathematics Study & Active Professionalism Grants (PreK-6) 
Esther L. Mendlesohn  Using Music to Teach Mathematics Grants (PreK-2) 
Clarence E. Olander  School In-Service Training Grants (PreK-56-89-12)
Theoni Pappas  Connecting Mathematics to Other Subject Areas Grants (9–12) 
Dale Seymour  Mathematics Graduate Course Work Scholarships (PreK-56-89-12)
Edwin I. Stein  Future Leader Initial NCTM Annual Conference Attendance Awards 
John Van de Walle  Teacher Professional Development Grants (PreK-5) 
John and Stacey Wahl  Improving Students’ Understanding of Geometry Grants (PreK–8) 

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