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Motivation Resources

November's Tips for Teachers: YOU have the Power to Motivate!

Motivational Classroom Activities

Elementary School (from Teaching Children Mathematics)

The Roll Out Fractions Game: Comparing Fractions 

The Educational Value of Tic-Tac-Toe for Four- to Six-Year Olds 

7000 Pancakes 

Middle School (from Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School)

Using Stock Market Simulations to Motivate Learning 

Children's Literature: A Motivating Context to Explore Functions 

Using Creative Writing and Literature in Mathematics Classes 

Fantasy Football and Mathematics Score Touchdowns with Students 

High School (from Mathematics Teacher)

Motivating Students through Problem Solving 

The Use of "Intrigue" to Motivate Algebra Students 

Motivating Students by Using Outside Resources 

Flower Power: Creating an Engaging Modeling Problem  

Fantasy Baseball with a Statistical Twist 

The Relationship between Latitude and Temperature  

Research and General Strategies

Practices Suggested by Research and Promoted by Reformers (JRME) 

Findings, Generalizations, and Criticisms of the Research (JRME) 

Motivating Activities that Lead to Algebra (MT) 

Two Middle School Mathematics Teachers: A Follow-Up Study (JRME) 

Using Active Learning Strategies to Motivate Students (MTMS) 

Anticipating Student Responses to Improve Problem Solving (MTMS) 

Families Ask: Middle School Girls in the Mathematics Classroom (MTMS) 

Sharing Teaching Ideas: The Oral Quiz (MT) 

Sharing Teaching Ideas: Classroom Voting in Mathematics (MT) 


MotivationMatters  Why do smart people disengage from mathematical pursuits… and how can we reverse the trend? 

This book is designed to be the go-to source for information on mathematical motivation. It presents the full body of research on motivation in a useful, interesting, and provocative matter. 
 MotivationDisposition  NCTM's seventy-third yearbook examines such elements as the demographic composition of a school; the role of movies, television, and the Internet; and nontraditional pedagogy as means of promoting and influencing positive student and teacher dispositions. Motivation and disposition can arise from diverse sources, and many factors can magnify--or diminish--both. The presence or lace of curiosity, ambition, parental influence, teacher encouragement, peer pressure, and future goals--these and other elements play central roles.


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