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Besides great benefits such as publications and conferences, NCTM gives you many opportunities to share your expertise with other mathematics educators and the public and to help improve mathematics education for all students. Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved. Web addresses for more information are also listed.

Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Nominate a colleague or yourself to serve on an NCTM committee. Committees do important work for the Council on everything from advising the Board of Directors on policy to publishing to conference planning. Committees usually meet several times a year at different locations around the country.
    Needed: Your Nominations for NCTM Committees
  • Nominate a colleague or yourself to run for NCTM Board Director or NCTM president-elect. Each year, four new Board members are elected, and every other year, so is a president-elect.

Writing Opportunities 

  • Write articles for the NCTM journals. You can write a letter to the editor, a short piece for one of the departments, or a full article. For the format and style of articles, see recent issues of the school journals--Teaching Children Mathematics (TCM), Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (MTMS), or the Mathematics Teacher (MT)--and the research journal--the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME). For author information and guidelines, see Write for NCTM in our Journals & Books section.
  • Write a manuscript for Mathematics Teacher Educator, the NCTM/AMTE copublished online journal, published twice a year.  Please see the guidelines for submitting an MTE manuscript here.
  • Write for the NCTM publications program. Each year, NCTM publishes a yearbook plus other books. Manuscripts for chapters are regularly sought. Book manuscripts are welcome on an ongoing basis. See the Journals & Books  section for the yearbook guidelines and current calls for manuscripts, or call (703) 620-9840, ext. 2157; e-mail
  • Referee or Review for NCTM Journals. Our journals depend on the volunteer efforts of our members. If you are a current Council member or teach at an elementary school that is an institutional member, you can help by refereeing manuscripts or reviewing commercial instructional materials.

Be An Advocate   

  • Let your voice be heard. Encourage your legislators to support mathematics education. Policymakers on the local, state, and federal level determine government funding for mathematics education and teachers' professional development. Communication--calling, writing, or e-mailing your representatives or forming an advocacy group to do so--ensures that mathematics education needs remain a funding priority. For more information on legislative advocacy, contact NCTM's Communications Department at (703) 620-9840, ext. 2102. Keep up with the latest legislative news with NCTM's Legislative Update.

Conference Opportunities 

  • Attend an NCTM annual meeting or regional conference. Keep up on the latest research, classroom strategies, and materials, plus share ideas with colleagues at NCTM meetings.
  • Volunteer at NCTM meetings and conferences. Volunteers help with everything from hospitality to publicity to extended sessions. Contact NCTM Conference Services at (703) 620-9840, ext. 2143, or e-mail for information on annual meetings and for information on regional conferences.
  • Present sessions at NCTM meetings and conferences. An NCTM annual meeting features more than 1000 sessions covering all grade levels and a wide range of topics. Speaker proposals are typically due 14 months prior to the annual meeting. Regional meetings typically feature several hundred sessions. Speak at an NCTM conference.

Membership Opportunities   

  • Join NCTM Affiliates to get involved at your local level or in a specific aspect of mathematics education. See our online list of affiliates.
  • Promote NCTM membership. Help us grow and become stronger as an organization. Learn more about membership benefits or sign up online through our membership page.
  • Support or apply for MET grants. The Mathematics Education Trust (MET) was established by NCTM to support the improvement of mathematics education through grants and awards. Whether you want to help or need help, look to MET.
  • Spread the word about Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. The document delineates six Principles that should guide school mathematics programs and 10 Standards that propose content and process goals.


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