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Journal Articles on Equity: Research

from Journal of Research in Mathematics Education by topic:

Teaching Practices

Mathematics Teachers, Reform, and Equity: Results from the Brazilian National Assessment  (July 2007)

Teaching Mathematics in a Primary Multilingual Classroom  (November 2005)

Teaching and Learning Mathematics for Social Justice in an Urban, Latino School (January 2003)

Learning From Teaching: Exploring the Relationship Between Reform Curriculum and Equity  (July 2002)

Access to Upper-Level Mathematics: The Stories of Successful African American Middle School Boys (November 2008)

A Closer Look at Gender in NAEP Mathematics Achievement and Affect Data: Intersections with Achievement, Race/Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status  (March 2006)

The Interpretative Nature of Teachers’ Assessment of Students’ Mathematics: Issues for Equity  (March 2002)
An Investigation of African American Students' Mathematical Problem Solving  (March 1998)

Race-Ethnicity, SES, Gender, and Lanuage Proficiency Trends in Mathematics Achievement: An Update  (December 1997)


An Interpretive Scheme for Analyzing the Identities That Students Develop in Mathematics Classrooms (January 2009)
RESEARCH COMMENTARY: On "Gap Gazing" in Mathematics Education: The Need for Gaps Analyses  (July 2008)
RESEARCH COMMENTARY: Bridging the Gaps in Perspectives on Equity in Mathematics Education  (July 2008)

RESEARCH COMMENTARY: A "Gap-Gazing" Fetish in Mathematics Education? Problematizing Research on the Achievement Gap (July 2008)

RESEARCH COMMENTARY: Bridging the Gaps in Perspectives on Equity in Mathematics Education (July 2008)

Equity in School Mathematics Education: How Can Research Contribute?  (March 2005)

Equity, Mathematics Reform, and Research  (December 1997)

At-Risk Students

Attention Deficit Disorder?  (Janurary 2003)

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