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Parabolic Solar Cooker - Task


Cooking with Parabolas



With a partner of your choice, you will construct a solar cooker created from materials to not exceed a budger of $15, that utilizes the focus of a parabola to cook a hotdog to an internal temperature greater than 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  After the big cook-out, a write-up will be expected that will address each of the following:

  • material list and costs
  • roles of each student in the calculation and construction of the cooker
  • derivation and use of the parabolic function
  • web research regarding why solar cooking is being funded with millions of dollars across the globe to find the ideal solar cooker and what solar cooking has to do with the concept of social justice
  • at least three ideas for improvement of the design if cost and time were not an issue

While the solar cookers may be constructed in pairs, individual write-ups must be done.  In  the event that two students choose to do the write-up portion together, the two individuals with split the points possible, resulting in a failing grade for each.

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