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Parabolic Solar Cooker - Process


Cooking with Parabolas



Steps to success:

  • Find a partner and begin looking at websites that show step-by-step directions for creating solar cookers in general.
  • Brainstorm a list of materials that you will need to create your PARABOLIC solar cooker.
  • Go to the store, or save yourself a trip by checking out the following websites, to be sure that your materials sum to less than 15 dollars. 
  • Come up with the equation for the parabola that you will use during the construction.  Remember, the dimensions can not exceed 24 inches X 24 inches X 36 inches. 
  • Build your solar cooker - testing and continuously improving it before Cook-off Day.
  • Write a rough draft of your essay. Refer to the Task and Evaluation pages for specific directions and a rubric used for grading. Also, have a look at the following sites to give you more ideas:
  • Compete against other students on a specified day of school, and take part in a class discussion about why some solar cookers were more successful than others.
  • Return to the essays you have written individually, and add a section addressing three ways in which you could have improved the design of your solar cooker if time and money were not a factor.
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