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NCTM Supports National Lab Day

NCTM is proud to support National Lab Day! Our efforts are focused on providing engaging activities to entertain mathematical thinking both inside and outside of the classroom.

If you are a participating teacher, student or volunteer, we encourage you to have a look at the assortment of games and activities listed. Surely you will find one to pique your interest and develop strategic thinking and problem solving ability while having fun!


Logo_CalcNation-200x37    Logo_Illuminations-170x45  
Visit Calculation Nation  for games to
Challenge others, Challenge yourself
Visit Illuminations and search for
 online games by grade level.
Online Games

Calculation Nation
Fraction Track
    (1 player and 2 players)
Peg Puzzle
Game of Nim
Coin Problem
Tower of Hanoi
Game of Hex
Paper-Based Games

100 GamePDFImage
Positively NegativePDFImage
Game of 9 CardsPDFImage
Fraction RummyPDFImage
Game of NimPDFImage 
Other FUN Resources

Problem Database:
    Middle School
    High School
Student Math Notes

     Parabolic solar cooker
Writing gallery NCTE

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