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Jazz Up! Celebration 2014 Photographs



NCTM thanks attendees, volunteers, Silent Auction item donors, cookbook recipe contributors, and the event sponsor, Forrest T. Jones & Company, for their generous support of the MET Celebration and Silent Auction on Friday, April 11, 2014. 

Gary Bitter  Gary Bitter enters the party!
Kathleen Heid  After being welcomed with Jazz Up! beads, Kathleen Heid is ready to celebrate!
Linda Gojak Annemarie Newhouse Sara Moore  (L to R) Linda Gojak, Annemarie Newhouse, and Sara Moore enjoy their time together.
Lee Stiff  (L to R) Lee Stiff chats with Robert (Bob) Gyles.
Camilla Cortney  (L to R) Camilla Cortney, Kellee Krick, and Kasey Cortney have fun!
Ian Bowman Quartet  The incomparable Ian Bowman Quartet added "Jazz" for our celebration.

(L to R) Noah Young, bass; John Culbreth, trumpet; Sam Shahin, drums; and Ian Bowman, tenor saxophone
Christophe Huestis looks on as Connie Mauleg tries on a chef's hat  Christophe Huestis looks on as Connie Mauleg tries on a chef’s hat.
Chris with Henry Kepner  2014 NCTM Lifetime Achievement Awardee, Chris Hirsch (center), and his family have an enjoyable chat with Henry Kepner.
Silent Auction  Attendees contemplate which items to bid on. Decisions...decisions....
Recipes You Can Count On  Recipes You Can Count On (cookbook) debuts in New Orleans!

(L to R) Judith Sowder, Donna Balter-Meislin, Wendy and Ron Hill peruse interesting finds at the cookbook table.

If you are curious, the little green packets are Tony Chachere's original creole seasoning referenced in the cookbook.
Beignet Station  The fabulous (and delicious!) beignet station.

Missed having a beignet in New Orleans? Try making it! The "Old-Fashioned Beignet" recipe submitted by Pastry Chef Chad Gilchrist of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel is featured on page 98 of the cookbook.
Miriam Leiva at the celebration  2014 NCTM Lifetime Achievement Awardee Miriam Leiva (left) reacts to a quip made by Linda Gojak.
Cartoonman  Keith Douglas, aka Cartoonman, sketches Latrenda Knighten and Tonya Jackson.
Linda Gojak with attendees  Linda Gojak chats with attendees.
Mari Muri, Johnny Lott  Mari Muri receives an appreciation gift from Johnny Lott.
Sara Normington with Bob McDonald  Sara Normington and Bob McDonald catch up.


We would like to thank the following Silent Auction item donors for making our event successful:

Annenberg Learner 

CASIO America, Inc. 


ETA hand2mind 


Hands-On Equations/Borenson and Associates, Inc. 

MATHCOUNTS Foundation 

Math Solutions 

Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS®) 

Mountain Math/Language LLC 


National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) 

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) 

ORIGO Education 

Suntex International, Inc. 

Teacher's Professional Resource 

We would also like to thank the musicians of the Ian Bowman Quartet for sharing their talents with us at the Jazz Up! Celebration.

Ian Bowman Quartet 

Ian Bowman, tenor saxophone
John Culbreth, trumpet
Noah Young, bass
Sam Shahin, drums 


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