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Be a Math Teacher

student"Being a teacher is the most important job on the planet, and mathematics opens doors to all kinds of options for students."

Cathy Seeley
NCTM Past-President

Your future presents many career options. An exciting choice for you could be teaching mathematics.

From elementary school and middle school teachers to mathematics specialists and secondary school teachers, math teachers help shape the future and tomorrow’s citizens.

Why Be a Math Teacher?

You are needed! Educate tomorrow’s citizens and teach valuable real-world skills.

How to Become a Math Teacher

Complete a teacher education program and gain a state license.

How to Become a Math Teacher in Canada

Complete a teacher education program and gain a provincial or territorial license.

Why Certified Math Teachers Are in Demand

Schools need experienced, licensed teachers with math degrees.

Resources for Math Teachers

There are many new resources you can use to help students learn math.

Steps Students Can Take Right Now

If you are a middle school or high school student, find out if a math teaching career is right for you.

NCTM Student Membership

College students enjoy NCTM benefits at half the cost of regular membership.

Tips for Teachers

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