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Why Be a Math Teacher?

Picture yourself in a classroom where you and your students work together to identify, analyze, and solve problems relevant to the real world. Picture yourself helping all students appreciate and be successful in math. Picture yourself in one of the most rewarding jobs you can imagine!

Educate Tomorrow’s Citizens
This is an exciting and challenging time for math teachers. Mathematics learned today is the foundation for future decision-making. As a math teacher, you have the challenge of educating tomorrow’s citizens.

Teach Valuable Real-World Skills
Today’s math students need to know more than the basics. The workplace of the future will require people who can use technology, estimate quantities, and apply mathematics to solve practical and everyday problems.

You Are Needed!
Education requires approximately 1.8 million elementary school and 225,000 secondary school math teachers. And as our nation becomes increasingly diverse, there is a need for math teachers who reflect the diversity of the student population. The need is worldwide, making math teaching a mobile career.

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