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Resources for Math Teachers

Today’s math classroom is an active and exciting one. Over the past few decades, educators have greatly improved their understanding of how students learn math.

At all grade levels, students are actively engaged in the learning process. Teachers facilitate students’ learning by challenging them to think more deeply about the problems they are solving and to make connections with other ideas within mathematics.

NCTM offers electronic resources to facilitate the learning process. Explore some of these resources and see how exciting teaching math can be.

Lessons and Activities

  • The Illuminations website contains classroom-ready lessons for teachers of grades pre-K–12. The site also contains interactive tools that help you bring math concepts to life in class. Reviews of Web resources round out the resource collection.
  • The Figure This! website provides 80 math challenges for middle school students. Each challenge explains how the math is used in the real world and provides a hint to get started, complete solutions, questions to think about, and resources for further exploration. Designed to help families do math at home with their children, the site contains materials to help families support their children’s math studies.
  • The Reflections website is designed to enhance your ability to critically reflect on your teaching methods by watching videos of other teachers. Reflections helps you examine your math teaching through examination of lessons and sample student work. Reflections includes lessons on algebra in grades 3–8.

More Resources

NCTM offers a variety of teaching resources for all grade levels. See the following web pages for highlights.


Elementary School  Middle School  High School 

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