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Discourse: Questioning

How effectively does the teacher use questioning to help students develop mathematical understanding?

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Reflective Tasks and Analyses

Lesson Analysis 1: Identify five different questions the teacher asks and describe why or why not these are effective questions at the time they were asked.

Reflective Task 1: Describe how the teacher’s questioning, and the manner in which student responses are handled, contribute or do not contribute to a positive classroom learning environment.

Reflective Task 2: Propose one or two summary questions that could have been used at the end of the lesson to make the mathematics clearer and more explicit to the students.

Personal Reflection 1: What kinds of questions predominate in your classroom? Single answer? Short answer? Explanation?

Personal Reflection 2: How do you tend to respond to students' answers to the questions you have posed, and how do you encourage students to ask questions themselves?


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