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Technology Tips

Dynamic Regression with the TI N-Spire (November 2008)

The Central Limit Theorem (September 2008)

Handheld Calculators (August 2008)

Pivot Tables Can turn Your Record-Keeping Around (May 2008)

Using MS Excel to Simulate Coin Tossing (April 2008)

Using Fathom to Solve the High Dive Problem (March 2008)

Representing the Number 18 with ClassPad 300 (December 2007)

Orstat–2000: Educational Software for Probability and Optimization (October 2007)

Don't Curve It, Convert It! (September 2007)

Infinite Sums in Geometry: Inducing Two Sets of Patterns (August 2007)

Creating Interactive Worksheets with TI-Interactive (May 2007)

Useful Online and Teacher Production Tools of the Geometer's Sketchpad (April 2007)

Monte Carlo Approximation Methods (February 2007)

Using Graphing Calculators to Do Statistics: A Pair of Problematic Pitfalls (January 2007)

Visualizing DeMorgan's Laws Using Logic Simulation Software (October 2006)

TI-SmartView: Revolutionizing Representations in Mathematics (September 2006)

Average and Instantaneous Velocity (August 2006)

Sliders and Parameters Extend Interactive Software (May 2006)

Two Useful Functions for Excel Grade Books (April 2006)

Using the Iterate Command to Construct Recursive Geometric Sketches (February 2006)

Teachers' Technology Class Continues Discussion of Pitfalls (January 2006)

Curve Fit Challenge (November 2005)

Capturing Video of Dynamic Computer Activity (September 2005)

Ferrari's Method and Technology (August 2005)

Technology Resource Tools (May 2005)

Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me (April 2005)

Creating Three-Dimensional Scenes (February 2005)

Use Macromedia Flash Software to Create Enriching Mathematics Applications (January 2005)

Inexpensive and Free Ways to Capture and Use Images in Your Work (October 2004)

Introduction to the Graphing Capabilities of the Geometer's Sketchpad (GSP) (September 2004)

Using TI-Interactive to Collect Data Using a CBL or CBR and Create a Number Line (August 2004)

How to Create Scripts on CAS-Enabled Calculators for Mathematical Explorations (May 2004)

Software to Design Individualized Worksheets and Assessments (April 2004)

Use TI-Interactive to Create Electronic Documents with Multiple Representations. (February 2004)

Create a Rich Mathematical Task with Cabri Geometry II (January 2004)

Students Use Fathom Dynamic Statistics to Analyze a Set of Existing Data (November 2003)

Interactive Parameter Explorations with Excel and the Geometer's Sketchpad (October 2003)

Exploring Functions: A Spreadsheet Approach (September 2003)

Mapper: Producing Two- and Three-Axis Mapping Diagrams on the TI-83 Plus (May 2003)

Mapping Diagrams with the TI-83 Plus and Excel (April 2003)

Geometry Software Tools to Present a "Proof” and a TI-83 Plus Scavenger Hunt (February 2003)

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