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Reflect by Topic

Tasks  The exercises, problems, activities and investigations in which students engage.
Discourse  The written and oral ways of representing, thinking, communicating, agreeing and disagreeing that teachers and students use to engage in the tasks.
Student Learning  The strategies, techniques, and tools that are used and the evidence that is gathered to assess and monitor — both formally and informally — students' mathematical development.
Teaching Decisions  The multitude of decisions that teachers make, both consciously and subconsciously, to support instruction, including decisions about classroom organization and management, grouping practices, dealing with mistakes and misconceptions, and transitions between lesson parts.
The Mathematics  The skills, concepts, understandings and applications that students are expected to learn and be able to use, as well as the connections between and among mathematical ideas and representations of these ideas.
Reflection Topic Descriptions

The Reflections Project was created through generous contributions by the Duke Energy Corporation.

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