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Lesson on Patterns

Lesson on Patterns

5 Coins and the Magic Doubling Pot or 1000 Coins

Building from previous work exploring patterns, modeling problem situations, and making predictions using Lily Toy Hong's Two of Everything, this lesson asks students to explore the choice between taking 1000 coins or starting with 5 coins and using the Magic Doubling Pot 10 times. This exploration thus entails the idea of a function, the use of a t-table, making and justifying predictions, and using mathematical language to describe what is happening and what is discovered.

Kathleen Gallagher
King Elementary School, San Diego, CA

Reflection Topics & Videos  Tasks
Student Learning
Teaching Decisions
The Mathematics
Lesson Plan (PDF) Review and complete lesson plan and accompanying worksheets.
About the Teacher 

Kathleen Gallagher, 3rd Grade
King Elementary School
San Diego, CA
Stacey Jones, principal

Student Work  View student work from this lesson.
Engaging in the Mathematics 

1. Suppose you are given the choice between receiving a lump sum of 100 coins OR receiving only 5 coins with a Magic Doubling Pot that doubles everything that is put into it and that can be used exactly 10 times. Which option would get you the most coins? Explain how you determined your choice.

2. Explain in words, using mathematical language, exactly what the Magic Doubling Pot is doing each time it is used. Express this "function" in three different ways.

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