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Reflection Topics & Videos Grade 5


Task 1
How mathematically appropriate are the tasks for developing an understanding of the mathematics being taught?


Discourse 1
How effectively does the teacher use questioning to help students develop mathematical understanding?

Student Learning

Student Learning 1
What evidence is there that students have learned the mathematics being taught?

Teaching Decisions




Teaching Decision 1
How were transitions made and how effectively was this done?

Teaching Decision 2
How are tools and other instructional materials used to enhance the development of mathematical understanding?

Teaching Decision 3
How effectively are student mistakes addressed and misconceptions dealt with?

The Mathematics



The Mathematics 1
What are the mathematical ideas in this lesson and how significant are they?

The Mathematics 2
How are contexts, representations, connections and applications used to enhance the mathematics being taught?

Summary Tasks  1. If you were asked to teach this lesson, what changes would you make and why?
2. Propose, describe and justify alternative tasks that could be used in this lesson and propose follow-up tasks that extend the mathematics of this lesson.
3. Propose, describe and justify specific changes that could have been made in this lesson that might have enhanced understanding of the key mathematical ideas.

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