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Lesson on Paving

Lesson on Paving Building from previous work exploring patterns and linking t-tables, verbal rules and symbolic equations, this lesson asks students to explore the number of paving tiles needed to surround a 20 x 20 pool. A key focus of this lesson is the question of what an equation is good for an why a generalization in the form of an explicit rule is valuable.
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The Mathematics
Lesson Plan(PDF) Review the complete lesson plan and accompanying worksheets.
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Engaging in the Mathematics 

1. Suppose you have a 5 unit by 5 unit square pool. How many 1 unit square paving stones will be needed to completely surround the pool with a one-unit wide border of paving stones? What if the pool was 20 units by 20 units?

2. Explain in words, using mathematical language, how you can determine the number of paving stones needed for an n by n unit pool. Express this relationship in the form of a rule that uses P as the total number of paving stones and n as the length of a side of the pool.

About the Teacher  g6ctq1aMark Alcorn, 6th Grade
Zamorano Elementary School
San Diego, CA
Jeannie Steeg, principal

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