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Lesson on Graphs

Lesson on Graphs This 90-minute lesson is designed to strengthen understanding of the connections between graphs, tables, ordered pairs and symbolic rules for linear patterns. Building from writing and sharing stories about graphical relationships, students create tables and graphs from linear functions expressed verbally and then creeate function rules for numerical patterns.
Reflection Topics & Videos  Tasks
Student Learning
Teaching Decisions
The Mathematics
Lesson Plan Review the complete lesson plan and accompanying worksheets.
Student Work  View student work from this lesson.
Engaging in the Mathematics 

1. You have $10.00. Each week you save $3.00. How much money will you have after x weeks? Express your solution in a table, on a graph and with a rule.

2. Given the sequence: 3, 5, 7, 9, ..... What is the 43rd term in this sequence? What is the nth term? Show and explain how you arrived at your answer.

About the Teacher  Sandy Allen, 7th Grade
Davidson IB Middle School
Davidson, NC
Louise Jones, principal

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