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About Reflections

Reflections, NCTM's video-based, professional development Web site, is designed to help teachers — individually and collectively — examine their teaching of mathematics. The site’s components are designed to assist teachers in reflecting on the mathematics they teach, and as a tool to systematically observe, analyze, critique, and improve classroom practices. Reflections focuses on algebra in grades 3-8.

Whether the site is approached through the six individual lessons or the five across-lesson topics, the heart of Reflections is a set of Critical Teaching Questions. For example:

  • How effectively does the teacher determine when to clarify, explain, question or let a student struggle?
  • What are the mathematical ideas in this lesson and how significant are they?

When selected, each Critical Teaching Question provides you with a set of video clips from the lesson and from pre- and post-lesson discussions, with accompanying on-screen transcripts, and a set of reflective tasks and analyses that foster individual or collaborative reflection and analysis of the lesson, the mathematics taught, the pedagogy employed and the learning that occurred.

Algebra Standards for Grades 3-5

Algebra Standards for Grades 6-8

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