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  One of the goals of the American Statistical Association (ASA) is to improve statistics education at all levels. Through the STatistics Education Web (STEW), the ASA is reaching out to K-12 mathematics and science teachers who teach statistics concepts in their classrooms. STEW is an online resource for peer-reviewed lesson plans for K-12 teachers. The web site is maintained by the ASA and accessible to K-12 teachers throughout the world.  

Reflection Guides 
Guidelines for Professional Development Using Publications 

NCTM school journals and other publications are a rich resource for professional development. Reflection Guides are written by members of NCTM's Professional Development Services Committee (PDSC).

Featured Reflection Guide - Representation
A Model for Understanding, Using, and Connecting Representations 

Teachers can reflect on their practice by examining a model for representation. Students’ thinking about problem solving as reflected in these representations may differ from their teachers’ thinking. The Representations Model provides a lens for making sense of students’ responses to tasks.

Curriculum Focal Points cover image Curriculum Focal Point - related resources
Collection of lesson ideas and activities organized by Focal Point.


Agenda For Action cover imageAn Agenda for Action
Recommendations for School Mathematics of the 1980s.

The historic document that started the standards movement.

Illuminations Lesson Plans and Activities 


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Pre-K-2 Lesson Plans

Pre-K-2 Activities

Grades 3-5 Lesson Plans

Grades 3-5 Activities 
Elem New TeacherNew Teacher?

Beginning your journey as a mathematics teacher? Empowering the Beginning Teacher of Mathematics in Elementary School has been created to help you reach your full potential as a mathematics educator. Resources cover professional growth, curriculum and instruction, classroom-level assessment, classroom management and organization, equity, and school and community.




Weekly Problem

Place eight quarters in a row. Replace every other coin with a dime. Replace every third coin with a nickel. Finally, replace every fourth coin with a penny. What is the value of the eight coins now? How much more or less money do you have than when you started? Were any coins not replaced? Why or why not?

Past Problems