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6.4 Understanding Congruence, Similarity, and Symmetry Using Transformations and Interactive Figures

Rotations; translations, or slides; and reflections, or flips, are geometric transformations that change an object's position or orientation but not its shape or size. The interactive figures in this four-part example allow a user to manipulate a shape and observe its behavior under a particular transformation or composition of transformations.

Activities like these allow students to deepen their understanding of congruence, similarity, and reflection, and they also contribute to the study of transformations, as described in the Geometry Standard.

6-4_VisualizingTransformations  Visualizing Transformations  (6.4.1)

Choose a transformation and apply it to a shape to observe the resulting image.
6-4_IDUnknownTransformations  Identifying Unknown Transformations  (6.4.2)

The user is challenged to identify the transformation that has been used.
6-4_ComposingReflections  Composing Reflections  (6.4.3)

Examine the result of reflecting a shape successively through two different lines.
6-4_ComposingTransformation  Composing Transformations  (6.4.4)

Users are challenged to compose equivalent transformations in two different ways.




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