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4.3.1 Hiding Ladybug Applet


[Stand-alone applet]

How to Use the Interactive Figure


To plan the path the ladybug should take to hide under the leaf, click on the direction buttons. The commands will appear on the screen below the picture of the ladybug. Click on the Play button to see if the path works. To clear a step, click on the step in the plan and then click on the Clear Step button. To insert a step, click on the step in the plan and then click on another direction button. Other features can be accessed from the following buttons: 

Entire Pattern   
Pause (left button) and resume (right button) 
Stop and erase the path (does not erase the plan)  
Show Leaf 
Shows or hides the leaf  
Move Leaf 
Moves the leaf  
Move Forward 
 Move Back 
  Right 45 
45 degree right turn  
left 45 
45 degree left turn  
Right 90 
90 degree right turn  
Left 90  
90 degree left turn 
Clear Step 
Clears the selected step 
Clear All  
Clears all steps  

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