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Advanced Apps

Adv_VertexEdge  Vertex-Edge Graphs: Create and analyze a vertex-edge graph—a collection of vertices and edges. Add color, weight, and direction to a graph; run tests and algorithms to find spanning trees, circuits, critical paths or colorings; and investigate the adjacency matrix or other matrices for a vertex-edge graph.
Adv_Control  Control Charts: Examine the run chart for a chosen data set and enter the desired mean and standard deviation. Then test for out-of-control behavior using one or more of eight tests commonly used in industry.
Adv_RankedChoice  Ranked Choice Voting: Determine voting outcomes based on various ranked choice voting methods. Voting methods include plurality, majority, runoff, pairwise-comparison, points-for-preference, and instant runoff.
Adv_WeightedVoting  Weighted Voting: Investigate a voting situation with the Banzhaf power index; measure the weight of a voter and determine if the voter is critical or not.
Adv_CodesCrypt  Codes and Cryptography: Encode and decrypt messages using ciphers and cryptography. Features include the Rot13, Caesar, affine, matrix (Hill) ciphers, and the RSA public-key cryptosystem.
Adv_Contour  Contour Diagrams: Represent elevation or other data with contour lines. Simultaneously view 3-D and relief lines. Contour diagrams can be modeled from pre-set or user-generated rectangular array of data or spreadsheet. See also 3-D graphing in CAS.
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