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4.1 Creating, Describing, and Analyzing Patterns to Recognize Relationships and Make Predictions

The following links to an updated e-example, highlighting different aspects of students' understanding and use of patterns as they analyze relationships and make predictions, as discussed in the Algebra Standard. It contains the three activities from the original applet.

4.1-50x50.jpg    Creating, Describing, and Analyzing Patterns (4.1)

This two-part e-example encourages students to use visualization, spatial reasoning, and geometric modeling to build their own patterns or recreate one from given square arrays. 

The three-part example below contains the original applets which conform more closely to the pointers in the book.

4-1_MakingPatterns  Making Patterns (4.1.1)
Includes an interactive figure for creating, comparing, and viewing multiple repetitions of pattern units. The interactive figure illustrates how students can create pattern units of squares, then predict how patterns with different numbers of squares will appear when repeated in a grid and check their predictions.
4-1_Describing Patterns  Describing Patterns (4.1.2)
Gives examples of various ways students might interpret the same sequence of cubes. These differences illustrate the importance of discussing and analyzing patterns in the classroom.
4-1_ExtendingPatternUnderstanding  Extending Pattern Understandings (4.1.3)
Demonstrates ways in which students begin to create a "unit of units," or a grouping that can be repeated, and begin to relate two patterns in a functional relationship.



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