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4.2 Investigating the Concept of Triangle and Properties of Polygons

The following links to an updated e-example containing the two activities from the original applets.

The applet use interactive geoboards to help students identify simple geometric shapes, describe their properties, and develop spatial sense. helping students reach the goals described in the Geometry Standard

Investigating Geometry Concepts on GeoBoards (4.2)

This two-part e-example presents a virtual 11x11 pin grid and triangular grid where students can explore geometric shapes and measurements with the option of shading areas, hiding pegs, deleting segments, and moving vertices.

This two-part example below contain the original applets, which conform more closely to the pointers in the book.

4-2_MakingTriangles  Making Triangles (4.2.1)
Focuses attention on the concept of triangle, helping students understand the mathematical meaning of a triangle and the idea of congruence, or sameness, in geometry.
4-2_CreatingPolygons  Creating Polygons (4.2.2)
Students make and compare a variety of polygons, describing the salient properties of the shapes they create.



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