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4.4 Developing Geometry Understandings and Spatial Skills through Puzzlelike Problems with Tangrams

Describing figures and visualizing what they look like when they are transformed through rotations or flips or are put together or taken apart in different ways are important aspects of geometry in the lower grades.

4.4-50x50.jpg   Developing Geometry Understandings with Tangrams (4.4)

In this two-part e-example, students choose from eight pre-made outlines and use either seven or fourteen pieces to create images and build basic geometric understandings. The options include the ability to: color, rotate, show hints, time progress, and create your own outlines.

The two-part example below contains the original applets which conform more closely to the pointers in the book. 

It demonstrates the potential for high-quality experiences provided by computer "shape" environments for students as they learn concepts described in the Geometry Standard. Problem-solving tasks that involve physical manipulatives as well as virtual manipulatives afford many students an entry into mathematics that they might not otherwise experience. 

4-4_TangramPuzzles  Tangram Puzzles (4.4.1)
Students can choose a picture and use all seven pieces to fill in the outline.
4-4_TangramChallenges  Tangram Challenges (4.4.2)
Students can use tangram pieces to form given polygons.



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