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4.6 Developing Estimation Strategies by Making Connections Among Number, Geometry, Measurement and Data Concepts

Estimation activities encourage students to make connections among the mathematics concepts they are learning and the skills they are developing.

 In this multipart video example, the class discussions and the decisions the teacher makes contribute to students' opportunities to connect their understandings of number, measurement, geometry, and data in order to make estimates. Purposeful activities together with skillful questioning by the teacher can help students understand relationships among mathematical ideas, as described in the Connections Standard.

4.6_Frame-3-50x50.jpg  Estimating Scoops (4.6.1)
The teacher presents an estimation task (estimate the number of scoops of cranberries in a jar) to the second-grade students and talks about the teaching decisions she is making.
4.6_Frame-1-50x50.jpg  Discussing Strategies (4.6.2)
The students work in groups to share their ideas and reach a reasoned consensus about their estimates.
4.6_Frame-2-50x50.jpg  Estimating Cranberries (4.6.3)
Students estimate the number of cranberries rather than the number of scoops.



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