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Roadmap to the Navigations Series: Kindergarten Curriculum Focal Points

Curriculum Focal Points: Kindergarten 

Number and Operations 

Navigating through Number and Operations in Prekindergarten-Grade 2 


        Overview Introduction (pages 1-12), Chapter 1 (pages 13-15), Chapter 2 (pages 37-40), Chapter 3 (pages 59-61)
        Representation "Choose a Number" (pages 16-18)
        Combining "Frumps' Fashions" (pages 41-45)
        Joining Sets "Frames" (pages 46-48)
        Equal-sized Groups "Jamal's Balloons" (pages 52-54)
        Addition "Flip Two" (pages 65-67)


Navigating through Geometry in Prekindergarten-Grade 2 


        Overview Introduction (pages 1-8), Chapter 1 (pages 9-13), Chapter 2 (pages 31-33), Chapter 3 (pages 49-51), Chapter 4 (pages 67-68)
        Sorting Shapes "Alike and Different" (pages 17-18)
        Position "Ins and Outs" (pages 33-35)
        Relative Position "Match My Grid" (pages 36-37)
        Spatial Reasoning "From Here to There" (pages 39-41)
  "Mirror Monsters" (pages 52-54)
        Create Shapes "Mirror Pictures" (pages 55-58)
        Basic Shapes "Block Views" (pages 69-70)


Navigating through Measurement in Prekindergarten-Grade 2 


        Overview Introduction (pages 1-10), Chapter 1 (pages 11-13), Chapter 2 (pages 29-32)
        Comparing "Body Balance" (pages 14-15)
        Sizing "Scavenger Hunt" (pages 16-17)
        Capacity "Fill It Up" (pages 21-23)
        Length "Giant Steps, Baby Steps" (pages 32-33)
        Comparing Weights "Balance the Pans" (pages 34-36)
        Unit Measure "Snake Imprints" (pages 37-40)
        Comparing Amounts "Scoop It" (pages 41-43)
        Standard Unit "Grandma" (pages 49-51)

Connections to the Focal Points: Kindergarten 


Navigating through Algebra in Prekindergarten-Grade 2 


        Patterns "Snakes and More Snakes" (pages 13-15)
  "Footprints" (pages 16-18)
        Missing Addends "How Many Are Under the Cup?" (pages 34-35)
        Addition Facts "Lots of Spots" (pages 36-37)
        Measurement "Who Jumps the Farthest?" (pages 57-59)

Problem Solving and Reasoning 

Navigating through Problem Solving and Reasoning in Prekindergarten-Kindergarten 


        Overview Introduction (pages 1-7)
        Counting "Bears in the House and in the Park" (pages 10-13)
        Geometric Relationships "Shape Families" (pages 17-19)
        Measurement "Line Up" (pages 20-22)

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