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Roadmap to the Navigations Series: Grade 4 Curriculum Focal Points

Curriculum Focal Points: Grade 4 

Number and Operations and Algebra 

Navigating through Number and Operations in Grades 3-5 


Overview Introduction (pages 1-11), Chapter 1 (pages 13-14), Chapter 2 (pages 49-51), Chapter 3 (pages 91-93), Chapter 4 (pages 121-122)
Equal-Sized Groups "Two Types of Multiplication Problems" (pages 52-61)
Partitioning and Sharing "Two Types of Division Problems" (pages 62-71)
Arrays "Splitting Arrays" (pages 72-79)
  "Learning Multiplication Facts with Arrays" (pages 108-113)
Fact Acquisition "A Problem-Solving Approach to Basic Facts" (pages 94-103)
Estimation "Make Ten to Multiply" (pages 104-107)
Division Facts "To Divide, Think Multiplication" (pages 117-120)
Distributive Property "Summing Partial Products to Multiply" (pages 128-133)
Mental Calculation "Using Mental Math to Divide" (pages 134-140)
Strategies for Multiplication "Going Over or Under to Estimate" (pages 141-146)

Number and Operations 

Navigating through Number and Operations in Grades 3-5 


Place Value "Place Value in Whole Numbers and Decimals" (pages 15-21)
Models "Fraction Models" (pages 27-33)
  "Taking an Hour for Clock Fractions" (pages 147-154)
Comparing and Ordering "Actions on Fractions" (pages 34-40)
Representing Decimals "Fractions with a Point" (pages 41-48)


Navigating through Measurement in Grades 3-5 


Covering "Big Cover-Up" (pages 53-57)
Area of Rectangle "Stuck on Stickers" (pages 58-61)
Decomposing "Geo-Explorations--Parallelograms" (pages 66-74)
Surface Area "Wrap It Up" (pages 83-88)

Navigating through Number and Operations in Grades 3-5 


Area Model "Number Name Discovery" (pages 22-26)

Connections to the Focal Points: Grade 4 

Navigating through Number and Operations in Grades 3-5 


Division Facts "Two Types of Division Problems" (pages 62-71)
Basic Facts "Building on Known Facts" (pages 114-116)
Basic Operations "Adding Up to Subtract" (pages 123-127)

Navigating through Algebra in Grades 3-5 


Patterns "Hundred-Board Wonders" (pages 9-11)
  "Calculator Patterns" (pages 15-17)
Formula Development "Watch Them Grow" (pages 12-14)
Area Measure "Tiling a Patio" (pages 18-22)
Change "The Ups and Downs of Patterns" (pages 27-30)
Tables "What's the Best Deal?" (pages 33-36)
Variables "The Variable Machine" (pages 39-40)
Equality "Algebra Scales" (pages 44-47)
Properties "I Spy Patterns" (pages 48-50)
Functions "Triangle Rule Machine" (pages 58-60)

Navigating through Measurement in Grades 3-5 


Attributes "Measurement Madness" (pages 16-18)
Perimeter "Ants Picnic" (pages 24-25)
Angle Measure "Measurement Scavenger Hunt" (pages 34-38)

Navigating through Geometry in Grades 3-5 


Shapes "Thinking about Triangles" (pages 15-22)
Classifying "Roping in Quadrilaterals" (pages 23-25)
Symmetry "Patchwork Symmetry" (pages 49-51)
Covering "Tetrominoes Cover-Up" (pages 59-63)
Transformations "Motion Commotion" (pages 64-68)
3-D "Exploring Packages" (pages 80-82)

Navigating through Problem Solving and Reasoning in Grade 4 


Overview Introduction (pages 1-6)
Number Sets "Discovering Primes as the Ancient Mathematicians Did" (pages 8-13)
Geometric Properties "Making and Investigating Puzzles" (pages 24-29)
Measurement "Fascinating Measures" (pages 32-39)

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