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Submissions for the Reasoning and Sense Making Task Library

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics seeks additional high school tasks to include in the Reasoning and Sense Making Task Library. These tasks are designed to engage students in reasoning and sense making in the classroom. Each item in the library includes the task design, how it might be used in the classroom, and how students might respond—see tasks already included in the Task Library for more information. If you have a task that could be included in this collection, please use the form below to let us know about it.

Before completing the form below, please…

If your idea is approved, you will be asked to develop your task more fully using the Reasoning and Sense Making Task Template. Fully developed descriptions of tasks that have been classroom tested should then be resubmitted for further review.

Provide a brief description of a high school task. (Approximately 250 words.)
Is this task your original creation, or is it adapted from a task that appears elsewhere? Adapted tasks can be used in the RSM Task Library, but proper citations will need to be given. 






Why is this task good for promoting reasoning and sense making? Suggest what students will experience by completing the task and where it  fits in the curriculum.  (Approximately 250 words.)
Reasoning and Sense Making
Explain what students might actually do in the classroom and how the teacher can facilitate reasoning and sense making in students. The tasks should not be prescriptive; rather, they should allow teachers the flexibility to modify the activity as appropriate for their classrooms.  (Approximately 250 words.)