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    Reimagining the Mathematics Classroom

    Authors: Cathery Yeh, Mark W. Ellis, and Carolee Koehn Hurtado
    September 13, 2017  

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    Reimagining the Mathematics Classroom synthesizes research on the essential elements of mathematics learning environments that invite and empower all students to see themselves as mathematical thinkers and sense makers. The book is based on collaborations with over twenty teachers of K–6 mathematics who work in culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse communities. Every chapter contains numerous illustrations of what it might look like to put research into practice in today’s classrooms, offers strategies to apply in your own work as a teacher of mathematics, and gives access to resources and video clips through MORE4U.

    During the webinar, the authors will provide an overview of each element: the classroom’s physical space, mathematical discourse, mathematical tasks, assessments that inform learning, and engagement with families and communities. The authors will also describe some of the resources available for classroom teachers, teacher educators, instructional coaches, and administrators that can be explored individually or as part of a study group. We will pose reflection prompts that ask participants to consider these elements within their own contexts. We will also dive into a few specific strategies and discuss tools that can promote powerful mathematics learning environments that are rigorous, relevant, and accessible for all learners.

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