• Carol Matsumoto

    Carol Matsumoto

    Candidate for Director, Canadian Region

    Position: Half-time kindergarten teacher, half-time K–6 resource/learning support (retired), Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    Education: Pre-Master in special education, Bachelor of Education, and Associate in Education, University of Manitoba.

    Previous Experience: Kindergarten–grade 3 classroom, K–6 resource/learning support, Seven Oaks School Division, Winnipeg, Manitoba; grades 1–2, Evergreen School Division, Arborg, Manitoba.

    Memberships: NCTM; Manitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers (MAMT); Manitoba Mathematics Consultants/Divisional Lead Teachers; National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM); TODOS: Mathematics for ALL; Women and Mathematics Education (WME).

    Activities in NCTM: Annual Meeting volunteer including Washington, D.C. (2018); Regional Conference Committee, Phoenix (2016); NCTM Affiliate Services Committee, Canadian representative (2005–08).

    Other Activities: Canadian regional leadership team, NCSM (2008–); board member, NCSM (2012–17); affiliates coordinator, NCSM (2015–17); Canadian regional director, NCSM (2012–15); past positions: conference coordinator, NCTM representative, and president, Manitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers (MAMT).

    Honors: Murray McPherson Award (for the development of mathematics education in Manitoba schools); Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Honor Society award (for dedication to teaching mathematics and science education).

    Statement: One major challenge NCTM faces is to continue building member value by helping members, including affiliates, feel a part of NCTM. Everyone connected to NCTM—including all committee members—must promote personal connections with current and potential members.

    Two initiatives that I support are, first, to encourage membership for all teachers who teach mathematics and promote a community with ongoing support. We should find more ways than we currently have to connect Canadians with NCTM via MyNCTM, Hangouts, and at conferences. We must nurture early career teachers to become members, submit conference proposals, and serve on committees. Second, NCTM should expand its efforts to advance knowledge about a culture of equity where everyone is empowered by the opportunities mathematics affords.

    We need to move beyond talking the talk to walking the walk by helping teachers know exactly what they should be doing to promote access and equity.

    Thirty-six classroom years spent as an early childhood/years educator formed my perspective for the various committee work I have undertaken, and my experience has seemed to be welcomed and appreciated by colleagues. My colleagues tell me that I take my leadership responsibilities seriously, pay attention to details, follow through with projects, and work on something until it is done to the best of my ability.

    As an early childhood/years educator, I will bring a background of classroom experience and will passionately support my fellow teachers at all levels as they prepare students for their futures, promoting equity and excellence for all.