Desiree Harrison

  • Desiree Harrison

    Desiree Y. Harrison
    Candidate for Director
    Central Region

    Elementary mathematics coach, Farmington Public Schools, Farmington Hills, Michigan (2018–).

    BA (elementary education), The University of Michigan–Ann Arbor; EdM (instructional technology), Wayne State University (Michigan).

    Previous Experience:
    Elementary mathematics coach, Farmington Public Schools (Michigan), (2018–); grade 3 classroom teacher, Farmington Public Schools (Michigan), (2010–2017).

    Professional Memberships:
    NCTM, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM), Detroit Area Council of Teachers of Mathematics (DACTM).

    Leadership Experiences in Mathematics Education:
    Presenter, Build Math Minds Virtual Summit (2019); presenter, NCSM Annual Meeting (2019); participant, NCTM on the Hill (2018), member, Classroom Resources Committee (2018–) NCTM; president, (2017–), vice president of elementary grades (2015–2017), NCTM representative (2016–2017) (DACTM).

    Kid’s Math Talk, (2019).

    Many teachers enter their first classrooms unaware that their personal beliefs and views influence the teaching and learning of mathematics. The NCTM Board has the power to change this norm by writing a Position Statement on the need for courses that help preservice teachers explore their mathematical identities, unpack implicit biases, and learn how to embed equity-based methodology into their practices.

    NCTM must offer opportunities for its members to learn how to use assessments for learning purposes instead of accountability measures. Increasing teacher capacity begins with NCTM hosting an online summer institute for teachers that explores effective formative assessments for mathematics.

    For NCTM to continue to thrive, teachers must have a sense of urgency to becoming an NCTM member and maintaining membership. This is challenging because of the many other websites available that grab attention. NCTM can create a loyal base by developing a free weekly podcast that allows teachers to listen to best practices explained on demand.

    As president of the Detroit Area Council of Teachers of Mathematics (DACTM), I led an online book study on formative assessment. Because it gave space and time for teachers to ask questions and reflect, the study had a crucial impact on members. This experience increased my leadership, facilitation, planning, and reflection skills, which better prepares me for my role as an NCTM Board member.

    I have the passion, dedication, and vision needed for the NCTM Board. I constantly read NCTM publications to make connections among teaching, learning, and leading within the mathematics world. I exemplify the necessary leadership traits of collaboration and reflection through active participation in chats on Twitter (@kidsmathtalk) and the MyNCTM platform. Thank you for your consideration.