Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee (MARC)

  • The NCTM Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee provides strategic guidance on the development and implementation of NCTM programs and activities to recruit, retain, and increase value for the membership.  

    Committee Charge

    The Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee is charged to promote the mission and goals of NCTM by:

    1. Strengthening and enhancing our core image through experiences that support and energize teachers’ passion for their profession; leveraging NCTM’s resources, conferences, educational tools, website, content, and webinars.
    2. Strengthening the mathematics education community by supporting activities and relationships between/among Affiliates and NCTM members; enhancing member participation in both while preserving the individual identity of each.
    3. Cultivating a dynamic membership strategy to identify and leverage all opportunities to increase retention and value among current members.
    4. Developing and overseeing a comprehensive, integrated plan to recruit new and lapsed members.
    5. Promoting a plan to develop diverse future leaders from members of the NCTM and Affiliate community.
    6. Identifying and serving the growing needs of members at various stages of their careers.
    7. Overseeing the plan and facilitation of the Regional Caucuses and Delegate Assembly.

    (Approved by NCTM Board of Directors, July 5, 2017)

    Committee Members

    Joanie Funderburk - Chair  
    Parker, Colorado - Western 1 

    Carol Matsumoto - Board Liaison 
    Winnipeg, Manitoba - Affiliates-at-Large                             

    Denise Walston - Board Liaison    
    Chesapeake, Virginia - Affiliates-at-Large     

    Joanna Burt-Kinderman - Member
    Buckeye, West Virginia - Eastern 2

    Jeffrey Corbishley - Member
    Danbury, Connecticut - Eastern 1     

    Kelsey Morris - Member 
    East Norriton, Pennsylvania - Student

    Jackie Murawska - Member
    Palos Park, Illinois - Central 1     

    Michelle Naidu - Member 
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Canadian 

    Sean Nank - Member 
    Carlsbad, California - Western 2

    Ryan Nivens - Member 
    Johnson City, Tennessee - Southern 2 

    Judy Rodgers - Member
    Williamsburg, Virginia - Southern 1

    Becky Walker - Member
    Green Bay, Wisconsin - Central 2

    Eileen Murphy - Staff Liaison
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    Reston, Virginia     

    Mary Ferris
    - Staff Liaison
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 
    Reston, Virginia