Classroom Resources Committee (CRC)

  • Established to provide direction and oversight for the content housed under the Classroom Resources section of

    Committee Charge (updated May 2020)

    The Classroom Resources Committee (CRC) is charged to:

    1. Establish and maintain guidelines for high quality resources.
    2. Highlight monthly resources, focused on selected themes, and work with NCTM to include these resources in monthly landing pages.

    3. Review NCTM resources to ensure they fit the guidelines established by the committee.

    4. Examine and update existing NCTM Classroom Resources and those that don’t fit the guidelines established by the committee. 

    5. Facilitate conversations on social media to promote NCTM’s resources.

    6. Review community-submitted resources that align to established guidelines and highlight these resources within MyNCTM.

    7. Prepare an annual report for the Board of Directors, formulate a budget request, and advise the Board on matters related to classroom resources.

    Committee Members

    Brian Shay - Chair (2020-2021)
    San Diego, CA      

    Desiree Harrison - Board Liaison
    Southfield, MI                

    Brian Dean - Member
    Trinity, FL                                   

    Marian Dingle - Member
    Peachtree Corners, GA

    Dylan Kane - Member 
    Leadville, CO

    Mark Kreie - Member
    Brookings, SD

    Hilary Kreisberg - Member
    Cambridge, MA

    Iris Nelson - Member
    Columbia, SC

    Monica Tienda - Member
    Royal Oak, MI 

    Chonda Long - Staff Liaison