Professional Development Services Committee (PDSC)

  • Established to create a coherent and comprehensive set of Professional Development offerings that will meet the needs of teachers at all grade levels and at every stage of their professional careers.

    Committee Charge

    Professional Development Services Committee (PDSC) is charged to:  

    1. Prepare an annual report for the Board of Directors, including budget.
    2. Provide general oversight and coordination of all of NCTM’s professional development programs and activities.
    3. Coordinate and update the Professional Development Strategic Plan for the Council that encompasses the full range of PD experiences (including but not limited to conferences, Institutes, online-learning, etc.).
    4. Develop and manage a “map” of NCTM professional development offerings:
      • purpose
      • target audience
      • additional audience
      • frequency/duration
      • connections to other PD offerings
    5. Identify professional development needs (and wants) for NCTM community in order to match PD resources to the needs of the community.
    6. Provide liaison to program committees (including research committee) in order to ensure coordination with broader NCTM professional development plan.  
    7. Plan and evaluate the guidelines for and implementation of NCTM professional development offerings to ensure high quality experiences for participants/consumers and to assess return on investment and oversee inclusion of significant mathematical content and presentation quality.

    Committee Members

    Levi Patrick - Chair
    Oklahoma City, OK                 

    Jason Slowbe - Board Liaison 
    Temecula, CA

    Comfort Akwaji-Anderson - Member
    Iowa City, IA

    Jessica Ivy - Member
    Mississippi State, MS                  

    Javier Garcia - Member
    Clovis, CA                 

    Simone Salmon-Nembhard- Member
    Lawrenceville, GA                 

    Laila Nur - Member
    Los Angeles, CA

    Kimberly Rimbey - Member
    Glendale, AZ          

    Jennifer Suh - Member
    Aldie, VA 

    Chonda Long - Staff Liaison
    Reston, VA