Research Committee (RC)

  • The Research Committee disseminates mathematics education ideas to teachers that have been investigated by researchers, collaborates with other groups to identify research topics to inform decision making, and co-sponsors the Research Conference.

    Committee Charge

    Research Committee (RC) is charged to: 
    (Charge revised June 2014)

    1.  Serve in an advisory capacity to the President, Board of Directors of NCTM, and standing NCTM committees by:

    a.  Developing recommendations for initiatives to identify and disseminate ideas that have been investigated by researchers that have the potential to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics.

    b.  Developing recommendations for initiatives that support informing and influencing researchers toward investigating questions practitioners want answered in order to improve their practice.

    c.  Working with NCTM staff to gather from the field, prioritize and maintain a list of questions of importance to practitioners for the improvement of the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students, with priority questions identified on NCTM’s Linking Research and Practice Web page.

    d.  Reviewing the work progress of documents produced by NCTM committees, writing groups, and task forces that will become official positions of the Council and providing feedback from a research perspective;

    e.  Reporting to the Board of Directors annually about the activities during the year and suggesting a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. 

    2.  Serve as a resource for NCTM staff in disseminating research with the potential to influence practice toward improved mathematics teaching and learning of all students in the following ways:

    a. Identify and select three articles for the Linking Research and Practice Outstanding Publication Award, one from each of the NCTM school journals for the current volume year.

    b. Review the Research Briefs and Clips yearly in order to assess how often they are accessed by researchers and/or practitioners, their relevance to the field, possibly updating their content and the need for new research briefs and clips.

    c. Providing support to the practitioner journals in identifying researchers and soliciting manuscripts for Research into Practice features.

    3.    Act as a catalyst within the mathematics education community to support and to focus attention on priority questions and under-discussed issues by:

    a.  Writing a research commentary for JRME. Each year, at the discretion of the Research Committee and with direction from the NCTM President, the Research Committee will produce a short research commentary to address the relationship of research to the Council’s initiatives, activities, and future directions as related to the strategic priorities of NCTM.  The research commentary will be submitted to the JRME editorial board by September 1 for input.  The final version of the commentary will be submitted to the JRME editor by November 1 for copyediting and publication in the March issue in accordance with the production deadlines.

    b.  Planning the NCTM Research Conference of the NCTM annual meeting (reviewing submitted papers and planning the program in conjunction with the AERA Special Interest Group on Research in Mathematics Education (SIG/RME) co-chair).

    c.  Advising the Board on promoting the establishment and maintenance of appropriate levels of funding for mathematics education research, including seeking outside funding for special projects and emerging research needs. 

    d. Advising the Program Committee regarding the research strand at the Annual Meeting. This is to ensure that appropriate attention is included in the annual meeting program related to current research priorities of the Council, such as linking research and practice, for the purpose of improving the mathematics learning of every student.

    Committee Members

    Stephen Pape - Chair
    Baltimore, MD     

    Olive Chapman - Board Liaison
    Calgary, AB Canada     

    Lisa Lunney Borden - Member
    Antigonish, NS Canada

    Sylvia Celedón-Pattichis - Member
    Albuquerque, NM

    Douglas Clements - Member
    Denver, CO 

    Josh Males - Member
    Lincoln, NE

    Susan A. Peters - Member
    Louisville, KY

    David Barnes - Staff Liaison
    Reston, VA