Teaching Children Mathematics Editorial Panel (TCM)

  • Serves as the editor of Teaching Children Mathematics journal. Members decide the editorial content and set the editorial policies of the journal.

    Committee Charge 

    Teaching Children Mathematics Editorial Panel (TCM) is charged to:

    1. set the tone and direction for the journal by defining the general format and balance of material, including the nature and number of departments and the priority topics to be addressed in feature articles;
    2. set standards for the acceptance of materials for publication;
    3. select department editors and define their duties and terms;
    4. approve the process for recruiting referees and evaluating referees;
    5. define the process for the receipt, refereeing, acceptance, and publication of articles;
    6. work with the journal editor and editorial services staff to develop procedures for processing materials, maintaining records, and communicating with other NCTM staff concerned with the production of the journal, other NCTM publications, and other NCTM committees;
    7. prepare an annual report for the Board of Directors, including a budget request for the editorial panel;
    8. advise the executive director in defining the duties and responsibilities of the NCTM Headquarters staff who work on the journal. 

    Committee Members

    Susie Katt - Chair (2017-2018)
    Lincoln, NE

    Linda Davenport - Board Liaison
    West Roxbury, MA

    Tomika Altman-Lewis - Member
    Durham, NC

    Zachary Champagne - Member
    Tallahassee, FL

    Sandi Cooper - Member
    Waco, TX

    Corey Drake - Member
    East Lansing, MI

    Megan Holmstrom - Member
    Whitmore Lake, MI

    Mindy Kalchman - Member
    Chicago, IL

    Juli Lenzotti - Member
    Denver, CO

    Cathery Yeh - Member
    Seal Beach, CA

    Beth Skipper - Staff Liaison
    Reston, VA